Mysteries Land  


a universe of short and objective literary stories, involving an enigma or mystery, which cover in a single system the concepts of literature, puzzle, treasure hunt and collectible album. In a concept that divides a book into parts, encodes each part and transforms them into NFT's minted on the blockchain network. The project has a basic rule: the books will always be divided into 100 parts, with 99 small episodes and 1 ending that unites all the episodes and unravels the mystery. 


intellectual property
and copyright:

All NFT tokens in the project have no ownership and usage limitation. However, the system and logic of the projects are protected by intellectual property rights and copyrights and may not be reproduced, copied, modified or used commercially without complying with the property restrictions contained in the certificate below and the Term of Use. The authorship certificate is registered on the Solana blockchain network and can be consulted below:

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