A Story

a mystery,

and a Run 

for one goal:

The Final Chapter

The Challenge

Imagine you have a mystery book in your hands. Divide this book into 100 exciting episodes, 99 of these episodes tell the story while the last chapter reveals the mystery.

Now imagine distributing these 99 episodes among 99 different people and launching a challenge: whoever manages to read all the episodes will be awarded the final chapter and will unravel the mystery.

But there’s more! Before distributing the episodes, you encoded them and distributed the decryption keys randomly among all participants.

In Mysteries Land, this logic was transformed into NFTs and distributed digitally. And in addition to unraveling the mystery, those who make it to the end win royalties on all secondary negotiations and many other prizes.

Discover the books and join the challenge today!

Competition and Fun

Treasure Hunt

Following our logic, we have one more important detail: the prizes are distributed according to the order of arrival at the final chapter. Whoever arrives first, wins more.

To reach the end all participants need all episodes and all decryption keys. It is necessary to cooperate to also receive. However, to get to the top first one should not reveal the secrets of each episode. The strategy is to value your pieces and trade them wisely.

Another important detail: when a participant decodes an episode, he does not decode it for everyone. The next who receives this episode will also have to decode it.

It’s a real treasure hunting competition!



Treasure Hunt


join the pieces


The books are divided into small stories that are independent, but at the same time interdependent for the understanding of the book.

Episodes are numbered, but the order of content does not necessarily follow the numbering. It is necessary to put the parts together and organize them according to the context of the book.

As parts are known, the suspense builds and guessing at the mystery becomes part of the fun.

Take your guess on the mystery and… let the betting begin!

The books and all their parts are NFT tokens. All participants’ progress, cash rewards, balance and overall ranking are recorded on the blockchain.

Each part of the book is an NFT that integrates a partitioned literary work. This makes them collectible as individual pieces and subject to increase in value.

Finally, the Final Chapter is the most valuable token in the collection. It’s the reward for going all the way and gaining knowledge of the mystery surrounding the story, plus the right to a recurring monetary reward and community recognition.


token nft



The book basically consists of Episode, Cards and Final Chapter. There are 99 episodes with 10 codes in their content. These codes are deciphered by Cards, each of which reveals one or more codes. And the Final Chapter is the junction of the puzzle and the revelation of the mystery.

And the challenge has some basic rules, which can be summarized as follows:


* Each Episode requires 10 Cards.
* Each Episode must be validated.
* Validation requires Episode and its 10 Cards in the wallet.
* A validated Episode is a completed step.
* Validation burn the Episode and mint another one.
* Once validated, the Episode can be sold.
* Each Episode has the same price for all.


* Each Card deciphers 1 code.
* Each Card has a random code.
* Cards can be used for any Episode.
* Cards need to be in the wallet for Episode validation.
* After validation, Cards can be sold.
* There are Special Cards that give benefits.
* Each Card has the same price for everyone.

Final Chapter

* Unite the Episodes and reveal the mystery.
* Requires at least 1 Episode in the wallet.
* Requires validation of 99 Episodes.
* Validated Episodes must be of the same color and wallet.
* Required to withdraw royalties.
* Entitles you to only one ranking position, even if sold.
* It has the same price for all.


Go to the book page, choose a story and enter the APP.
Buy the Episodes.
Buy Cards until you can decode an Episode.
Validate the decrypted Episode in the APP
After validating the 99 Episodes claim the Final Chapter.
Claim your ranking position through the APP and enjoy your rewards!

The challenge seeks to reach the most exciting reward, the final chapter.

But as we know that the work will be long, we decided to create extra rewards for everyone who reaches the end and a few more prizes for the first placed:


The equivalent of 8% of royalties from all NFT secondary sales will be distributed among all winners.
Physical Book
To go down in history! The first three will have their names engraved in the dedication of the printed book.
Specials Cards provide exclusive access to member environments along with exclusive benefits.
The winners will have advantages in the purchase of avatars of the book's characters.
The winners will have priority in purchasing the properties and characters in the story.
Visit Litepaper to learn more
The printed book will be distributed to the first
Find a Special Card!
NFT's of characters and objects in the book
The metaverse is a wish and not a certainty

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