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The website, its pages and the application are part of a hub of services offered by MysteriesLand (“MYSTERIESLAND”). By accessing said Site, you are bound by these terms for all legal purposes.

MYSTERIESLAND (referred to in this Privacy Policy as “us”, or “our(s)”) undertakes to adopt the necessary measures that are its responsibility to protect the privacy of users of the services offered. This Privacy Policy describes the rules applicable to access and use of our website and application by you.

This Privacy Policy is designed to reaffirm our commitment to privacy and security related to interactive services and user information collected and stored.

This Privacy Policy covers the treatment that websites and applications give to information capable of identifying users, whether collected directly on these websites, applications and through their interactive services, or stored in their electronic database by other means of collection, such as registrations filled out in physical form or queries to customer service.


WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO MODIFY THIS PRIVACY POLICY AT ANY TIME, IN OUR SOLE DISCRETION, BY POSTING THE UPDATED PRIVACY POLICY ON THE SITE AND APPLICATION. For your convenience, the date of the last revision is included in this Privacy Policy. We recommend that you stay tuned for new updates every time you access our website or our application, as your access and use will be immediately bound by any changes to this Privacy Policy.

We do not collect or solicit information from anyone known to be under the age of 18. If you are under the age of 18, please do not attempt to register on our website or application or submit any information about yourself to us. If we learn that we have collected information from a person under the age of 18, we will remove that information as soon as possible. If you believe that a child under the age of 18 may have provided us with information, please contact us through our support channels.

This Privacy Policy is governed by the legislation of the Federative Republic of Brazil. Your text must be interpreted in the Portuguese language and users of our website and application submit to the court of the city of São Paulo, Brazil.

  1. Data Collected by us or Provided by the User or Third Parties

We collect the minimum personal information necessary to offer and administer our services and products offered through our website and our application, as well as providing a specialized service channel to users.

When registering on our website or application, you must provide various data, including personally identifiable information (such as full name, identity document, access password, among others) and eventually financial information (depending on the chosen payment method). You recognize the importance of the veracity of the requested information and undertake to provide true, complete and updated information about yourself, assuming the corresponding responsibility if they are not accurate, and no responsibility can be attributed to the information collected from the websites, applications and interactive services. offered by MYSTERIESLAND. You may also change the information provided whenever necessary.

When registering through the application, you must provide photographs of documents or scanned documents, such as identity, residential data, which can be verified by MYSTERIESLAND and its partners through available consultation channels, including at the post office among others.

In addition to information received during registration, we also receive information from you when you contact us or respond to one of our surveys.

The collection of data referring to geolocation will occur in the application if this option is active and the user authorizes it and, in the website, through the region of the access IP address. The purpose of collecting such information will be primarily the identification of bugs, slowdowns and monitoring of marketing, campaigns and customer security.

You understand and agree that we may collect information about you from external sources.

  1. Use of Collected Information

We use your data to provide you with the services offered through our website and application, complete user registration, detect possible fraud, prepare statistics and implement marketing and relationship campaigns.

You agree that we may use your data, including personal data, for our internal operations, such as managing your account, customer service, communication between us and the user, understanding user needs, improving content and services website and application, identifying possible fraud and taking steps to enforce our Privacy Policy.

We may contact you, directly or through a third party contracted by us, if there is a need to obtain more information or in case of evidence of violation of this Privacy Policy, or any contracts entered into with us, including for billing.

You agree that we may also use your data to notify you about new features of the website or application, services provided by us or our partners, sending newsletters, direct mail, correspondence, promotions, conducting data analysis, development of new products or services and fulfillment of contractual obligations with our partners.

Finally, we use the data for the statistical analysis of the use of the website and the application and to verify the browsing habits of users on the website.

  1. Data Sharing

In this act, you agree and consent to the transfer and sharing of your information with third parties, so that these, with the use and processing of the information, achieve the purposes described below in relation to the use of our website and application, and also:

(i) with the respective partners or contracted by us to provide services related to the website, the application or the services now made available to users;

(ii) with credit protection bodies, registration data bureaus, lawsuits and negative media, to complement the registration and detect possible fraud; It is

(iii) with other third parties with whom we are required to share user information due to legal and regulatory obligations.

You also agree that we may provide your data to our partners for sending news, newsletters, promotions, marketing, etc.

We may also provide your data in the following cases: (i) if there is a legal obligation or decision by the competent authority; (ii) if disclosure is necessary to prevent harm or harm to us, you or third parties; (iii) if there is suspicion of the practice of illicit acts; (iv) if MYSTERIESLAND is acquired, incorporated or merged with another legal entity; (V) and to other companies affiliated or related to MYSTERIESLAND.

  1. Use of Cookies and Tracking Tools

By using the website, you consent to the collection and processing of personal information and data as explained in this Privacy Policy, including the placement of cookies on your device. Cookies and other monitoring technologies allow MYSTERIESLAND to monitor your navigation on the website, on third-party websites and the path used by the user to reach the website in order to provide you with better navigation, refine our content, improve your experience on website and enable marketing activities.

In your navigation on the website and/or application, some types of cookies may be used, not limited to those mentioned below:

(i) Authentication Cookies: serve to recognize a particular user, enabling access and use of the website and/or application with restricted content and/or services;

(ii) Security Cookies: are used to activate security features of the website and/or application, in order to help monitor and/or detect malicious activities or activities prohibited by this Privacy Policy, as well as to protect user information. user access by unauthorized third parties;

(iii) Search, Analysis and Performance Cookies: its purpose is to help understand the performance of the website and/or application, measure the audience of the website and/or application, verify the browsing habits of users on the website and/or application, as well as the way in which the user reached the page of the website and/or application (for example, through links from other websites, search engines or directly through the address);

(iv) Advertising Cookies: are used to present relevant advertising to the user, both inside and outside the website and/or application or on partner websites, as well as to know whether users who have viewed the advertising have visited the website and/or application after seeing the advertisement. These cookies can also be used to remember any searches carried out by users on the website and/or application and, based on searches carried out by users on the website and/or application, show users advertisements related to their interests.

For the purposes described, MYSTERIESLAND may collect, store, process, process and use the following information regarding user navigation on the website and/or application, which are part of the “Browsing Records”:

(i) Geographic location;

(ii) Operating system used by the user;

(iii) Browser and its respective versions;

(iv) Screen resolution;

(v) Java (programming language);

(vi) Flash player installed;

(vii) IP address;

(viii) ID code (IMEI) of the mobile device through which the user accessed the website and/or application;

(ix) Information referring to the date and time of use of the site and/or application by a given user, from a given IP Address; It is

(x) Information regarding the number of clicks and attempts to use the website and/or application, as well as the pages accessed by the user.

  1. Data Protection

MYSTERIESLAND adopts several measures to protect your data, including the use of a secure server and the storage of data collected and provided by users. Such data will be collected and stored in accordance with strict standards of confidentiality and security. MYSTERIESLAND undertakes to periodically evaluate internal security and privacy procedures.

To ensure your security, we recommend that you protect yourself against unauthorized access to your password and your computer, both of which are your sole responsibility. For this, you must always log off your account when you finish accessing the website or application.

The login and password can only be used by the registered user, and sharing the login and/or password with any third party is expressly prohibited.

MYSTERIESLAND guarantees security in accessing the website and the application, in transactions and in the exchange of reserved information with registered users and visitors. MYSTERIESLAND is not responsible for security breaches that occur on the user’s device, computer, cell phone or tablet, such as breaches arising from viruses, malware, spyware, etc.

MYSTERIESLAND is not responsible for damages or problems resulting from delay, interruption or blocking of data transmissions over the internet.

  1. Information Security Incidents and Violations

MYSTERIESLAND, aiming at greater protection of the user, seeks to identify incidents and violations of information security. To this end, we carry out monitoring to prevent incidents, providing controls through processes and technology to reduce vulnerabilities and incidents, establishing systematic action plans to respond to incidents, as well as providing specific controls, including those aimed at the traceability of information, seeking guarantee the security of the sensitive information of our customers, suppliers and employees.

Our customers, suppliers and employees are responsible for protecting information and reporting any situation that represents a deviation or breach of security.

You can use our service channels, available on the website and in the application, to notify us of any incident that occurs.

  1. Exclusions

This Privacy Policy applies only to our website and application. We may include links to third-party pages or services on the Site or Application, and you acknowledge that such third-party sites are not subject to this Privacy Policy.

You may, at any time, delete your account on the website and/or application, with the exception of the custody by MYSTERIESLAND of the information and/or data whose maintenance is imposed on them due to legal and/or regulatory obligations or, even, whose maintenance is necessary to comply with a court order, within the scope of judicial and/or administrative proceedings and questioning of third parties arising from the activities performed by the user on the website and/or application.

  1. Regulation

This Policy will be governed, interpreted and enforced in accordance with the Laws of the Federative Republic of Brazil, especially Law No. 13,709/2018 (LGPD).

  1. Contact

If you have any questions or complaints related to this Privacy Policy, we will be happy to help through our service channels, which are available on our website and in our application or by email

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